PhD diploma 1995

Ronald gets his PhD diploma from Prof. F. Bilsen at the Technical University of Delft, Sept. 11 1995.

AES Fellowship 1998

Ronald got his AES Fellowship Award at the 104th AES Convention in Amsterdam at May 17 1998 for major contributions to sound reproduction and assessment. With the fellowship under the arm standing with the Loudspeaker Parameters A. Neville Thiele and Richard H. Small, who pioneered this line of analysis for loudspeakers.

Gilles Holst Award 1999

The Gilles Holst Award is named after the founding director of Philips Research. The award which has been presented yearly since 1996, is to spotlight a top researcher for his exceptional scientific/technical achievements showing perseverance, creativity and sense for Philips' needs.

IEEE Fellowship 2007

Ronald was awarded with the IEEE Fellowship by the IEEE Signal Processing Society for research and application in signal processing for acoustics and sound reproduction.

Silver Patent Award 2007

Ronald receives the Silver Patent Award Medal from Research director Peter Wieringa in 2007, and subsequently the Gold Patent Award Medal in 2012.

AES Silver medal 2010

In 2010, Ronald was presented with the AES Silver Medal Award in London during the 128th Convention for recognition for outstanding contributions to research and applications of signal processing in acoustics and sound reproduction.

Cum Laude Promotion of Xi LONG 2015

Cum Laude Promotion of Xi LONG on the thesis: "On the Analysis and Classification of Sleep Stages from Cardiorespiratory Activity". From left to right: dr. Xi Long, dr. Reinder Haakma (co-supervisor/co-promotor), Prof. Johan Arends (2nd promotor/supervisor), Prof. Ronald Aarts (promotor/supervisor).

IEEE Chester Sall Award 2017

Winners of the IEEE Chester Sall Award 2017. From left to right: Peter de With, Onno Eerenberg, and Ronald Aarts.