Philips Research scientists 
Name : dr. H.J. (Herman) ter Horst
E-mail :
Address : Prof Holstlaan 4 (internal post: WY 21), 5656AA Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Reverse chronological list of recent publications

  1. H.J. ter Horst, Combining RDF and Part of OWL with Rules: Semantics,
    Decidability, Complexity
    in Y. Gil et al. (Eds.), The Semantic Web - ISWC2005, Proceedings of the 
    Fourth International Semantic Web Conference, Galway, Ireland, 
    November 2005, Springer LNCS 3729, pp. 668-684.
  2. H.J. ter Horst, Completeness, Decidability and Complexity of Entailment
    for RDF Schema and a Semantic Extension Involving the OWL Vocabulary

    Journal of Web Semantics 3 (2005) 79-115.
  3. H.J. ter Horst, Extending the RDFS Entailment Lemma,
    in S.A. McIlraith et al. (Eds.), The Semantic Web - ISWC2004, 
    Proceedings of the Third International Semantic Web Conference, 
    Hiroshima, Japan, November 2004, Springer, LNCS 3298, pp. 77-91.